Meg with camera

On windy beaches around the world, Meg Prior honed her skills to become a world champion windsurfer and reigning world record speed sailor in the 1990’s. Meg’s US records remain undefeated to this day. Before that, it was competition on snowy mountaintops as Meg ski-raced her way to a national championship title in giant slalom.

Inspired by natural environments, Meg took up photography while in high school at Lake Tahoe Ski Etude, in Incline Village, Nevada. Meg went on to attend California State University, Northridge gaining a Radio, Television and Film degree on her way to her Masters of Science degree from California Polytechnic State San Luis Obispo.

Early-on Meg’s “entertainment industry” interest had been decidedly sparked with internships at NBC and CNN. Meg grew with behind the scenes production work on music videos produced for MTV. The projects differed from commercial shoots to episodic television work. Always interested in development, each project was an accomplishment providing opportunities to learn from industry professionals; lighting styles, film verses digital, camera types and what they render, about talent and directing styles. Meg worked on all types of projects. But it was sports marketing that allowed Meg to start her own independent consulting business in 2002. She then split her focus between sports marketing and breaking into the entertainment industry. Meg’s first client in the cinema industry came in 2003 when she met, Jack Cashin, the engineering entrepreneur and founder of Ultra Stereo Labs, Inc. (USL, Inc.). To this day Meg consults for USL, Inc. as well as works with executives of Sony Corporation, AMC, Regal and many other exhibitor chains.

Meg has been a 20-year member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, this resulting from live televised satellite broadcasts she produced. Meg is a General Member of Women in Film.

“Afghanistan: Outside the Wire,” will be Meg's first directorial debut, though she has supported directors and producers during the making of several feature films, there-by receiving “Special Thanks” credit recognition. Working on the periphery of the film industry has inspired Meg to consider her approach to filmmaking.

A storyteller by nature, a writer, photographer and filmmaker, Meg has combined her collective talents to create her current projects about the war in Afghanistan. The projects include developing two feature length documentary films, a multi-media presentation for museums as well as a photography exhibit. The focus is on the human experience of both the US soldier and Afghan villagers living amidst war.

Meg is now an only child, having lost her younger brother to leukemia, her father, Ken, is a retired geologist and her mother, Sue, a retired community college professor.



Siobhan Prior is a native Californian, born and raised in Los Angeles. She is a third generational vet in the film industry following in her father’s and grandfather footsteps. Her grandfather, Peck Prior Sr., began his career as a commercial producer, and ultimately finished his career as the President of Technicolor. Under the steady tutelage of her father, acclaimed film editor Peck Prior, Siobhan quickly gained the knowledge, training and creative tools necessary in the art of editing and visual story.

Siobhan’s skill set is expansive, ranging from physical production, to managing dailies, to film-outs and digital outputs for theatrical release – her editorial sensibilities have been sculpted by the finest editors in Hollywood. Her career seamlessly spanned the 35mm to digital revolution, working in the VFX departments on films such as “Pleasantville”, “Disaster Movie”, and Sky Captain, World of Tomorrow”

After 10 years working on large scale feature films, Siobhan took her talents to Bandito Brothers – A full service independent media studio. In addition to editing commercials projects, she was given the opportunity to be an Additional Editor, VFX Supervisor and Co-Post Production Supervisor on the film “Act of Valor”. The movie was revolutionary in many ways, one of the most radical was that it was the first film that combined DSLR and 35mm film in a feature environment. The film opened #1 at the Box Office, and changed the way mainstream Hollywood approached feature film making, helping to solidify Siobhan’s standing as an innovator in the world of filmmaking and digital media.

Using her background on “Act of Valor” (which used real Navy SEALs and accessed actual military assets), she joined her step-mom Meg Prior as an Editor and Post Producer on “Outside the Wire”, a documentary film about Meg’s civilian deployment to Afghanistan with the 101st Airborne Division of the U.S. Army.